Frequency to balance and heal


The use of sound therapy to interact with our biological energy frequencies. 


Sound frequencies that are known to effect brain activity to induce a state of ease and body harmony.


Significant research shows that we are vibrational beings and receptive to the healing effects of sound.

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Connecting with the human bio-field

The application of sound to clear enegy blockages and produce a clear calm state for rejuvenation and to assist healing.

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What is Sound Therapy

It is the practice of using specific sounds to improve your physical health and emotional wellbeing. Given that all matter originates from energy and is in a constant state of vibration. Sound Therapy undertakes to balance frequencies that occur within our body. Thus providing the body with an optimal state to resist imbalances and harm.    

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Non Invasive

Sound healing requires no contact with the client and is painless. It may be received in person or from a distance. Treatment is in a non - invasive, gentle and in a calming way.

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What Sound Therapy Does

The body is approximately 75% water and is an excellent conductor of frequency. Every part of our body has its own unique vibratory rate. A unique vibratory signature can change depending on an indivdual's state of wellbeing. Sound Therapy aims to provide the body with key notes that rejuvenate, revive, relax and restore a body's balance.     

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Origin of Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy has been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures to heal. It was in in the late 1800's that medical practioners identified certain types of sound improved thought processes and increased circulation. More advances in Sound Therapy continued to the present day and is supported by clinical research to treat a variety of conditions and ailments.  For further reading follow this link>

How does Sound Therapy work?

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The Human Bio Sphere

The human biofield (electro magnetic energy) is central for sending and receiving signals that are communicated through our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. These signals are in the form of frequency. A biofield that is receiving and transmitting high vibrational frequency signals is in a positive state and is well positioned to maintain the body at an optimal level. While a biofoeld that is receiving and transmitting disordered low vibrational frequency signals is likely to be less reactive when confronted with disease or illness. Approximately 37 trillion cells constitute the human body with each cell resonating at its own unique sound frequency. And each part of our body has its own unique vibratory rate that may alter depending on the body's health.

Sound waves transiting through the body stimulate red blood cells and opens up blood supply to all organs and throughout the body. Consequently, Sound Therapy can postitvely effect all the cells in our body to assist in rebalancing our organs. In addition, Sound Therapy frequencies synchronise brainwaves which aid the release of energy blockages to promote harmony and well being.

Sound Therapy Treatments

Here are some of the most common health problems that Sound Therapy Treatments treats.


  • Improve sleeping quality 
  • Reduce stress/fatigue/low energy 
  • Improve brain functions 
  • Help with anxiety issue 
  • Clearing past traumas 
  • Improve respiratory functions  
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