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    Achieve better physical and mental health outcomes with our practical natural healing modalities and practices.  

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    Pain Relief

    We successfully treat a wide range of emotional and physical pain. 

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    Natural Healing alternatives to correct imbalances, boost immunity and promote a healing state of well being. 

Our Services


Kinesiology is a gentle and safe natural therapy that treats an extensive range of emotional and physical health problems.

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RTT Hypnotherapy

Ideal for emotional issues and self limiting beliefs RTT is a fast effective method with many clients requiring only one session. 

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Sound Therapy

A non invasive and painless use of frequency to balance, relax, and improve physical and emotional health.

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Working together on an issue, does involves a client's commitment and determination to make a change. It is an opportunity to take responsibility of your own health both physically and mentally. Together we can bring about a permanent positive change.

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What to expect?

On your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a client form with personal information and any medical history (information will be kept confidential, which adheres to Australian Privacy Principles that are in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988). 

  • Clients need to drink a sufficient amount of water prior to each session.
  • Clients will be expected to have a pre-determined goal or issue that they want to work on (for a Kinesiology and RTT Hypnotherapy session). 
  • Clients will lay on the treatment table fully-clothed for the whole session. 
  • The practitioner will touch/hold some acupressure points on your body (for a Kinesiology and RTT Hypnotherapy session).
  • We suggest you wear comfortable, loose clothing as the practitioner will sometimes need to work with your leg muscles. We prefer pants to a skirt (for a kinesiology session).
  • During balancing, the practitioner will ask some questions related to your issues and this may occasionally induce an emotional response. 
  • The practitioner will use the client's arm muscles for most of the session, but sometimes they might also use other muscles as a biofeedback tool (for a kinesiology session). 
  • Clients may experience physical  symptoms such as feeling tingling and hot or cold sensations. 

After the Session

Common Responses

Every person is unique in how they recover. Often the benefits of the natural healing and health sessions are felt immediately. However, it sometimes takes a while to settle in and occasionally the symptoms can get worse before getting better. Common responses after a session are feeling lighter, calmer, energetic, the pain is gone, or very tired. 

Resting Time

Rest is a very important part of the recovering process, so be gentle to yourself and take it easy. Drink lots of water, have a bath if possible with Himalayan salt and calming essential oils (ideally) to relax and have a good sleep. 

Don't be disheartened

Sometimes a few days or weeks after a session symptoms can come back. This doesn't mean the balance was not successful, it just means that the body is demonstrating the same expression for a different issue, or it may need further balances. 

Healing is not a "one visit wonder" and it may take a minimum of 6 sessions to see long lasting results. 


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"I have had remote Kinesiology balancing sessions with Eka for more than 6 months now. From the first balancing session, I already felt a difference. At that time, I experienced an adrenal fatigue, causing me to lose motivation, have very low energy and suffer from brain fog daily. It made it very difficult to go through the day and do my work. After the first session, I felt my brain was much clearer. After a few more sessions, my energy and my motivation also significantly improved. Since then, we also did more sessions to clear some other issues which had affected my wellbeing for a long time. Eka is very intuitive and empathetic. In every balancing session, she manages to pick up my underlying problems and what my body needs at that time. She would then work on what my body needs at that time. She would then work on what my body needs. She uses a variety of methods, such as: flower essences, essential oils, sound and affirmations, which i find very helpful in my healing as they are working holistically in tackling my issues. Above all, she is very kind and loving and she really cares about her clients’ healing, all of which I believe contribute to her high vibrations. We are now still doing sessions together, working on some of my other issues. However, I feel much better now compared to before becoming her client, for which I am very grateful."

Rachael Lauw


I had the most amazing transformative session with Sri. She helped me find and identify the root cause of my issues and i have experienced many positive changes within my self since then. I was put at ease quite quickly and felt really comfortable, safe and relaxed. She has a very calming presence and a way with people and i would highly recommend her. Thank you Sri for helping me see my self for who i am and transforming my life. I didn’t realise so much was going on within me and it’s really helpful to gain insight into the meanings I attached to some events in my life. I am so glad, I am changing these beliefs with your help.

Jyotsna K Hofmann

United Kindom

I’ve had a RTT session with Eka and it was incredible. I’ve gone alot of Kinesiology, some hypnotherapy; and it was taken to events in my childhood that I didn’t even think were relevant before that were actually pivotal to some of my belief systems. Thank you Eka - your ability to hold space with gentleness and care allowed me to drop in deeply. I also love listening to your voice recording to cement the new beliefs from the session into my subconscious.

I’ve also received Kinesiology and sound healing from Eka in the past and she is the most gentle, loving and helpful practitioner.

Reiko Araki

Fremantle, WA

I have had such a wonderful experience with Eka, she has helped me in ways i can not explain. She is an angle on Earth.

Justine Franklin

Perth, WA

I decided to give a Kinesiology a try to help with my cat’s allergy. The allergy around his neck area is much better. Balancing, plus medicines work very well! These days I can feel he’s so much more relaxed and happy. He’s become more playful and naughty, more fun to be around!

Coco Yu

Mt Pleasant, WA
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